2”w Firepainted Cuff
2”w Firepainted Cuff
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2”w Firepainted Cuff

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Here it is! The Firepainted Cuff! I hand brush each individually with a top grade permanent lacquer so no care is involved. 

PLEASE NOTE: The cuff shown is an example only. Due to the wild nature of flame on copper each one is unique in patterning with rich, vibrant color so yours will be one of a kind.

May be opened slightly and squeezed gently to adjust to your wrist. All are stamped with my logo and a durable, top grade permanent lacquer is applied to the outer side to preserve the color. These have a high gloss shine and are smooth and fairly lightweight for a hefty statement piece!

Copper: The mineral copper is essential to a healthy human life and for centuries people have been using healing copper to seek relief from arthritis and pain. The therapeutic value of using copper as a bracelet for healing has been passed on from generation to generation. Copper also is antimicrobial so it does not hold germs. Simply clean with water.