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Lotus Flower Post & Jacket Earrings
Lotus Flower Post & Jacket Earrings
Marquis Jewelry LLC

Lotus Flower Post & Jacket Earrings

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These elegant lotus flower earrings are hand-sawn with a jeweler's saw and perfectly compliment the Fire Painted Lotus Flower necklace shown. The rose gold filled studs pierce through the fire painted copper to create two pieces in one. Earrings measure approx. 1" w x 5/8"L. 

The lotus flower shapes are hand brushed individually with a top grade permanent lacquer and the ear wires and wire are darkened with a patina so there is no care involved. Please only clean with water.

What is "Painting with Fire"?

I use a torch on copper sheet in an 11 step hot and cold process to obtain vibrant colors. No chemicals or dyes are used. The copper is the canvas, while the torch and flame are the brush and paint, creating the glorious patterns and luminous hues on each hand cut shape. Due to the wild nature of flame on copper each is a surprise as I "fire-paint" until I see something magical happening and no two will ever be duplicated.